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Rookie coach Sean McVay helped end Aaron Donald’s holdout

nfl shop wholesale shop One of the men who had a role in ending the stalemate between the and Jerseys was rookie head coach Sean McVay, sources tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Rather than traveling with the team to Green Bay for the Rams’ final preseason game, McVay went to Atlanta with Rams executives to meet with Donald’s representatives to see if they could find a compromise, sources tell Schefter. Jerseys will continue to negotiate with the Rams for a contract that would make him the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL. Rich Graessle/Icon SportswireMcVay later flew from Atlanta to Green Bay to rejoin his team in time for that night’s preseason game, but he missed the team activities earlier that day.


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McVay’s presence in Atlanta rather than being in Green Bay with his team was a sign of how important it was to him to have Donald back on the roster. The cheap jerseys Atlanta meeting helped increase dialogue between the two sides, and it helped result in Donald reporting to work Saturday, though he will not play Sunday against the .


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