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Trade Grades: Cavs Send Kyrie Irving to Celtics for Package Including Isaiah Thomas

cheap basketball singlets online calculator Wow. Long live the NBA offseason! The summer of blockbusters continued Tuesday, as the Cavaliers traded star guard Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics Jersey for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Nets’ 2018 unprotected first-round pick, according to multiple reports. The deal comes in the wake of Irving’s trade request earlier this summer. Thomas ended the playoffs unable to finish the conference finals against the Cavs due to injury, but is coming off the best season of his career. Let’s grade the deal from both sides.


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Cleveland was in a difficult position after Irving’s trade request. The draft had already occurred, and teams were unable to trade free agents they signed in early July. But somehow, the Cavs are coming out of their deal with Boston with both short-term and long-term benefits. For next season—which could be LeBron’s last in Cleveland—the Cavs will still be very competitive. Thomas is a downgrade from Irving, but he’s still a tough scorer coming off a borderline MVP campaign who should be able to fill up the bucket alongside LeBron. Crowder is a great pickup for Cleveland. The Cavs desperately needed a dependable three-point shooter who could also defend in the Finals, and Crowder fits that description perfectly. He’s on a cheap contract, and he will make the Cavs’ small-ball lineups much more palatable next season.?


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The real coup here is the Nets pick. Boston has so far been extremely reluctant to part with the assets they received from Brooklyn in 2013. Now, Cleveland owns what should be a very valuable lottery selection in next year’s draft. If LeBron leaves, the Cavs can kickstart their rebuild right away with a good pick. If LeBron stays, Cleveland has an asset that can be flipped for another star, or add some much-needed youth to the roster.?


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Thomas is in the final year of his contract, which means Cleveland will be in the tough position to decide whether to give him a max deal next summer. Still, the Cavs will have options, and many decisions will hinge on LeBron’s future first. Thomas’s contract status is not insignificant, but it’s an issue that won’t necessarily be very difficult to resolve. Ultimately, the Cavs are still going to have issues on defense at point guard, but they haven’t gravely affected their short-term outlook while significantly brightening their long-term one.


cheap jerseys from china After years of hesitation and false starts, Boston finally gave away a Nets draft pick, and it feels slightly underwhelming. Irving is a great scorer who is also young with a better contract status than Thomas moving forward. But he has serious deficiencies as a defender, and he was never able to lift Cleveland to respectable heights without James. After the various deals the Celtics went halfway in on, coming away with Irving for arguably their best asset leaves a little to be desired.


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But the deal is far from a failure for Boston. Irving is an upgrade over Thomas, his deal runs through next season, and his age is better aligned with Boston’s core. The Celtics also did well to hold on to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, two promising forwards who can be valuable contributors—and who also leave the door open for future trades.?


It’s a good trade for the Celtics, but not necessarily a great one. It pushes them slightly closer to a Finals berth, which is an interesting push considering the team seemed intent on waiting out LeBron a few months ago. But with James’s future in the East in question, Boston is looking at a potentially wide-open conference in the near future with a talented young core that still has some flexibility for more moves. The best part of this deal? We won’t have to wait long to see how it plays out on the court. The first game of the NBA season is—you guessed it—Celtics at Cavaliers. See you on Oct. 17.

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Complete NBA Schedule Released For All 30 Teams

cheap authentic nba jerseys nzymes granules The full NBA regular season schedule for the 2017-18 season was revealed on Monday night during NBA TV’s release special. The season will open on Oct. 17 with the Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey facing the Boston Celtics Jersey in a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals before the Golden State Warriors Jersey raise their latest championship banner against the Houston Rockets Jersey.?The?full national TV games schedule, including Christmas Day,?was released last week.

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Four of the biggest games on the schedule are homecomings for players who moved this summer. Chris Paul’s return to Los Angeles with the Rockets comes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan. 15), new Thunder forward Paul George comes back to Indiana on Dec. 13, Jimmy Butler and Tom Thibodeau make their return to Chicago on Feb. 9 and Gordon Hayward’s first game as a visitor in Utah will be March 28.

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The Crossover’s Ben Golliver also passed along this analysis of the slate: For the first time in league history, the schedule will not have a single instance of a team playing 4 games in 5 nights. This concludes a three-year initiative to remove 4 in 5s. In 2014-15, we had 70 instances which then reduced to 27 in 15-16 and 20 in 16-17. Back To Backs have been cut to 14.4 per team (total of 431), a 11.7% reduction from 16.3 per team last season (57 back to backs were eliminated in this year’s schedule). No team has more than 16 B2Bs and no team has fewer than 13 (last year the range was 14 to 18). As recently as 2014-15, teams averaged 19.3 B2Bs, which means a reduction of 25.7% of B2Bs in three years. This year’s schedule has a range of FTE scores of +4/-5. Last year, the range was +6/-7 and as recently as 2014-15, it was +9/-9.
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We protected 22 “marquee” national TV games such that for all the participating teams NONE of the games are part of back-to-backs, 4-in-5s, or 5-in-7s, and all have less than 3,500 miles traveled in the 7 days leading up to the game. These games are all 5 games on Christmas, all ABC Saturday and Sunday games and all 3 games on MLK day on TNT. In addition, the eight (8) national television games during Week 1 on TNT and ESPN were scheduled to ensure that no teams would be on a back to back leading in to the game. In a new feature, we are labeling our schedule by week to enhance the ability of fans to follow the 1,230-game season. Starting with Week 1 and ending with Week 26, the weekly structure will help reinforce awareness of upcoming games and communicate key storylines. Reduced the number of 5 games in 7 nights to 36 (average of 1.2 per team) from 90 last season (average of 3.0 per team).
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Why Your Team Won’t Win the NBA Finals

cheap basketball jerseys reddit funny memes The summer is a time for optimism for most NBA teams. But with the season starting early this year, we’re already creeping up on opening night. That said, let’s do away with the niceties and talk about why your team won’t win the NBA Finals this year: Atlanta Hawks Jersey:?Dennis Schroder is unpredictable both on and off the court, Kent Bazemore has a role for this team that isn’t “bench celebrator-in chief,” and a Plumlee is going to play big minutes. Boston Celtics Jersey:?While Summer League is Summer League, both the Lakers and Nets, the two teams whose picks Danny Ainge owns, looked promising in Las Vegas, and neither will be the worst team in the league next season. If this holds true in the regular season, Ainge’s fetish for asset accumulation will come back to bite him at some point when he rejects trades for superstars, instead choosing to bet on a top-3 pick in the draft.

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Brooklyn Nets Jersey:?Timofey Mozgov is the starting center of the Nets. Also, D’Angelo Russell will become the best Page 6 content generator since A-Rod and DeMarre Carroll hasn’t been an above-average starter in three years. Charlotte Hornets Jersey:?Dwight Howard hasn’t been a great player and a great influence simultaneously since his lone Finals appearance in 2009. Also,?the team’s owner might be better than anyone not named Kemba Walker. Chicago Bulls Jersey:?Dwyane Wade will be grumpy until he’s bought out, and even with the future Hall of Famer in tow, Chicago’s top talent is Zach LaVine, who is recovering from a torn ACL.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey: Kyrie Irving, Cleveland’s second-best player, wants out. Additionally, if Dan Gilbert continues to push LeBron’s buttons, who knows what might happen? Dallas Mavericks Jersey:?A lot of famous names in Dallas, but they don’t quite fit together. Dennis Smith Jr. is still growing, Dirk is aging, Seth Curry has too big of a role, Wes Matthews is still regaining his pre-Achilles injury form, and so on. They might not even make the playoffs, let alone win a title. Denver Nuggets Jersey:?For all his great qualities, Nikola Jokic?still runs like a hungover college student.
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Detroit Pistons Jersey:?The best player on the Pistons averages 13.3 points per game for his career. That’s not very good. Also, Stan Van Gundy, who is an excellent coach, is not an excellent general manager. Golden State Warriors Jersey:?Klay Thompson’s missed dunk in China wasn’t just something funny, he’s actually Patient Zero of the real life Monstars, only this time, it’s just contained within the Warriors, and at that, just the four All-Stars. Sorry, you really have to stretch for something here.
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Houston Rockets Jersey:?”There’s only one ball” might become more than just a trite cliche, and the extreme lack of depth is definitely alarming. Also, age has to catch up to Chris Paul at some point, right? Indiana Pacers Jersey:?Myles Turner has shown flashes, but as of yet has not proven himself as a franchise cornerstone-level talent on a consistent basis. Also, we saw how the whole “Victor Oladipo as a second offensive option” thing went last season, and while part of his lackluster performance can certainly be attributed to the Russell Westbrook vortex, he’s also just not worthy of such a large offensive role.
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Los Angeles Clippers Jersey:Doc Rivers’s club won’t win because they’re cursed. Basketball-wise, Blake Griffin and Danilo Gallinari have two of the most troubling injury histories in the NBA, and a Patrick Beverley-Austin Rivers confrontation seems like a near certainty at some point next season. Los Angeles Lakers Jersey:?A lot of competing agendas on this Laker squad. Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram need developing, Julius Randle needs to show he’s worthy of a big contract next offseason, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope needs to both get his stats and play an under-the-radar part in Rich Paul and LeBron’s chess match. This team is all about the 2018 offseason.

Memphis Grizzlies Jersey:?The collective formerly known as Grit n’ Grind has some holes to fill with Tony Allen, Vince Carter, and Zach Randolph all gone. Also, who the heck is the team’s third-best player?JaMychal Green? That’s a little worrisome.

Miami Heat Jersey: There are a lot of nice pieces in Miami and Erik?Spoelstra’s one of the best coaches in the league, but as long as Hassan Whiteside remains the offensive focal point and Justise Winslow remains in search of a jump shot, there’s a ceiling on the Heat. Milwaukee Bucks Jersey:?Giannis will be an MVP candidate in due time, but the messy front office, his lack of a jump shot, and an always injury-riddled supporting cast make contending a risky proposition this season.

Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey:?An ancient Chinese proverb reads, “Young teams make the leap a year after they’re hyped.” This age-old wisdom will hopefully apply to the Twin Cities as well, but a lack of perimeter spacing, defensive struggles, and Tom Thibodeau overworking his starters are still obstacles. New Orleans Pelicans Jersey:?Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins on the same team will always keep coaches up at night, but a Jrue Holiday-Rajon Rondo backcourt with Solomon Hill on the wing? The only people getting nightmares from that trio are Pelicans fans.

Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey:?OKC has now climbed back to 80% of its KD-era peak with the addition of Paul George, but potential chemistry problems and George’s impending free agency loom large here. Orlando Magic Jersey:?Mario Hezonja might play 20 minutes a game, the Elfrid Payton experience was renewed for another season, and Jonathon Simmons, a player who’s not great offensively, is still somehow one of the best offensive options on the Magic. New management, same shenanigans.

Philadelphia 76ers Jersey:?Obviously, youth and injury risk are the main roadblocks to a championship for this group, but figuring out the depth chart and developing chemistry among the Big Three of Embiid, Markelle?Fultz, and Ben Simmons will also take some time, probably over multiple seasons. Phoenix Suns Jersey:?Devin Booker looks like a star and Eric Bledsoe continues to be one of the most underrated players in the NBA, but everybody else is either old, young or underachieving.

Portland Trail Blazers Jersey:?What’s more likely: A Damian Lillard/C.J. McCollum defensive stand or a good Knicks free agent signing? The fact that this is a legit question is enough to worry. Sacramento Kings Jersey:?George Hill and Buddy Hield will be the team’s top two scorers. The Kings were right to get rid of Rudy Gay and Tyreke Evans, but their status as proven bucket-getters would have at least provided consistent offensive highlights for a team that will struggle next season. San Antonio Spurs Jersey: While they landed Rudy Gay, the Spurs let one of their most athletic players leave in Jonathon Simmons, and for a club that really lacks athleticism and quickness, that was a rare questionable move.

Toronto Raptors Jersey:?DeMar DeRozan would have been one of the best players in the league in the 1990s, but it’s 2017. On the other hand, his backcourt partner, Kyle Lowry, is an aging, undersized point guard with an injury history. The T Dot better be satisfied with 45-win seasons. Utah Jazz Jersey:?Go-to scoring was this team’s issue when Gordon Hayward was ON the team. Joe Johnson would have helped seven years ago, but not anymore. Rodney Hood in the clutch? Ugh. Donovan Mitchell? Not yet. Derrick Favors? Come back when he plays 75 games. Even with Rudy Gobert’s emergence, the Jazz might be right back in the thick of the lottery hunt.

Washington Wizards Jersey:?John Wall and Bradley Beal make up the best backcourt in the East, but the talent in D.C. drops off significantly after the dynamic duo. There’s no defense to be had anywhere (aside from Otto Porter), Kelly Oubre as sixth man isn’t going to work, and neither will a repeat of the Ian Mahinmi fiasco that ruined Washington’s playoff run.

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Did Magic Johnson Tamper with Paul George? The NBA Will Decide

cheap basketball jerseys uk yahoo eurosport Did the Los Angeles Lakers Jersey tamper with the Indiana Pacers Jersey while Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey forward Paul George was still under contract with the Pacers? The NBA has launched a formal investigation into this controversy. For now, the investigation appears focused on comments made by Lakers President Magic Johnson during an?during an appearance?on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show which aired on Apr. 21, 2017. During the interview, Kimmel introduced the discussion of tampering in a very light-hearted way. He asked Johnson if he was looking to add Chris Paul, Paul George or Teen Wolf—yes Teen Wolf—to the Lakers roster.

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Kimmel then posed a hypothetical question to Johnson about whether Johnson could talk to George—who is set to become a free agent in 2018—if the two men happened to run into each other while on vacation. Kimmel wanted to know if Johnson could say anything in that circumstance and yet still comply with the NBA’s anti-tampering rule. Johnson replied, “We’re going to say ‘hi’ because we know each other.”

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Had Johnson ended his answer at that point, his response would have been fully compliant with league rules. Saying hello to a person who is employed by another team constitutes isn’t tampering. It’s basic manners. But Johnson continued in his answer. He added, “You just can’t say, ‘Hey, I want you come to the Lakers,’ even though I’m going to be wink-winking.” Johnson then complemented his answer by offering an exaggerated wink. He then joked, “You know what that means, right?” Johnson, Kimmel and the audience all laughed.
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As evidenced by his own hearty laughing, Johnson clearly assumed his answer was in good fun and that his “wink-winking” line was a physical form of sarcasm. The audience seemed to view Johnson as kidding around. After all, Jimmy Kimmel Live is a late-night talk show hosted by a well-known comedian. It’s commonplace for guests to joke around while answering questions from Kimmel. Further, the 58-year-old Johnson is a sophisticated and experienced sports executive. He obviously would not go on a national TV show and admit to a plot to tamper.
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But as explained more fully below, a finding of tampering doesn’t require intent. In fact, it doesn’t require very much at all. If the NBA concludes that the Lakers and/or Johnson tampered, potential penalties would range from a warning, a fine that wouldn’t exceed $5 million, a suspension of Johnson for a definite or indefinite period, forfeiture of Lakers’ draft picks, transfer of Lakers’ draft picks to the Pacers or—and this is the big one—a prohibition placed on the Lakers from signing George for a definite or indefinite period.
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Tampering is a relatively simple concept in theory but remains sometimes difficult to evaluate in practice. Tampering refers to any attempt to persuade a player, coach, trainer, general manager or any other person who is under contract with another team to join the tampering team. Although those held responsible for tampering tend to be owners, general managers or coaches, players can also be found to have tampered.

Tampering is an odd concept in a free market economy such as ours. Most of us work in jobs where it is acceptable to speak with prospective employers about new opportunities. Usually we can also pursue those opportunities. The NBA isn’t a free market—by any stretch. The league has promulgated rules that substantially limit how and when teams compete. Whether those rules cap how much money teams can spend on players or restrict how teams can sign prospective NBA players (imagine, for a moment, an NBA with no draft), the NBA is full of rules that constrain competing. A rule designed to stop tampering follows that same pattern. The logic of these “anti-competitive” rules is that although they may at times disadvantage individual teams, they nonetheless advance the interest of the league as a whole.

The NBA’s legal framework for tampering is found in Articles 35 and 35A of the league’s constitution. Among other things, these articles establish that the NBA commissioner has the authority to determine whether tampering has occurred. In that capacity, the commissioner takes on the role of an arbitrator. He listens to testimony by the relevant personnel and weighs evidence offered to show or disprove tampering. The commissioner then reaches a decision and, so long as the guilty party isn’t a player, the decision is final and non-appealable.

In theory, a team could attempt to challenge the commissioner’s decision (also known as an arbitration award) in court and demand that the court vacate the commissioner’s decision. In reality, such a lawsuit would almost certainly fail. Teams contractually agree that the commissioner has final authority to resolve disputes between teams. In 1995, the Miami Heat Jersey tampered with the New York Knicks Jersey. Heat executives had reached out to Pat Riley, who was under contract with the Knicks, to discuss joining the Heat. As a penalty, the Heat transferred their 1996 first–round pick along with $1 million to the Knicks.

In 2010, Dallas Mavericks Jersey owner Mark Cuban tampered with the Miami Heat Jersey by expressing his interest in signing LeBron James, who was under contract. Notice the “low bar” for tampering: even though every NBA owner would want to sign LeBron James if they could, simply stating the obvious can be considered tampering. That is because even an obvious statement could encourage the player to think more about a particular team. Cuban was fined $100,000.

In 2013, the Atlanta Hawks Jersey tampered with several teams by mailing a season ticketholder letter that mentioned the team’s desire to sign specific players who were set to become free agents. The letter constituted tampering because those players were still under contract at the time the letter was sent. The Hawks were fined.

In 2013, Sacramento Kings Jersey coach Michael Malone tampered with the Los Angeles Clippers Jersey by simply saying that Chris Paul would “look pretty good in a Sacramento Kings Jersey uniform.” Like the Cuban and Hawks examples, Malone obviously did not intend to tamper. He instead uttered a statement that every NBA coach would make: they’d like Chris Paul on their team. Still, the statement was tampering because it was directed at a specific player who was under contract with another team and encouraged him to think about joining another team.

As I wrote earlier this summer, NBA players frequently engage in conduct that seems like tampering. Draymond Green, for example, texted Kevin Durant about joining the Golden State Warriors Jersey while Durant was still under contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey. Boston Celtics Jersey guard Isaiah Thomas has talked openly about recruiting players during All-Star Weekend. Portland Trail Blazers Jersey guard C.J. McCollum recently posted an Instagram photo of Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony wearing a Blazers uniform. The list goes on and on, and suggests that the NBA isn’t too worried about player-to-player tampering. Only once has an NBA player been publicly reprimanded for tampering. That occurred in 1999 when Chicago Bulls Jersey center Will Perdue spoke about trying to entice former teammate Tim Duncan to join the Bulls. Perdue was admonished by then-Commissioner David Stern.

The NBA has retained a prominent law firm, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz to aid in the Lakers investigation. The firm is obviously a private company and thus doesn’t have subpoena powers to compel the disclosure of records and other evidence. Still, NBA teams and their employees are contractually required to comply with Wachtell’s requests for statements and evidence.

To the extent Silver finds Johnson’s remarks to cross the line into tampering, the most likely outcome would be a fine levied on Johnson. While Johnson’s statements to Kimmel technically meet the low bar of tampering, they were clearly made in jest and likely weren’t all that influential—it’s doubtful that George’s calculus on the possibility of signing with the Lakers changed based on Johnson winking in an exaggerated fashion. Other NBA figures have faced fines for similar kinds of mild tampering.

If, however, the Lakers’ tampering proved more extensive, such as communications between Lakers officials and George or his representatives, then it would be an entirely different ballgame. Some of the more draconian punishments mentioned above—such as the Lakers having to transfer draft picks to the Pacers or George being barred from signing with the Lakers—would become plausible outcomes.

As Adam Silver displayed in the Donald Sterling saga, he doesn’t shy away from enforcing the league’s constitution in the most impactful ways possible. Silver is clearly willing to send a message. If necessary, he would make an example of the Lakers. Michael McCann, SI’s legal analyst, provides legal and business analysis for The Crossover. He is also the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of New Hampshire School of Law.